Amanda Bynes has been placed on a psychiatric hold, according to reports, almost a year after her conservatorship ended. This news came after the actress canceled her appearance at the 90s Con at the last minute. TMZ reported that Bynes called 911 on herself after being found wandering around Los Angeles, nude and alone. Law enforcement sources say she was taken to a nearby police station, where a mental health team decided to detain her for a 72-hour psychiatric hospitalization under the 5150 hold.

Former child star Amanda Bynes is reportedly on a 72-hour psychiatric hold, according to a source who confirmed the news to NBC. The insider added that Bynes has not been in contact with her family for some time. Bynes’s ex-partner, Paul Michael, claims the actress has stopped taking her meds and struggling with mental health issues. Bynes has previously sought treatment for addiction and has spoken about her struggles with bipolar disorder and manic depression. The LAPD has declined to comment on the situation, reported Yahoo News.

Bynes was hospitalized in 2014, which led to the establishment of her conservatorship. The conservatorship remained in place until March 2021. A statement was issued by Bynes’s attorney following the judge’s decision to end her conservatorship. The statement expressed Bynes’s gratitude to her fans for their support and thanked her lawyer and parents for their support over the past nine years. The statement also mentioned that Bynes has been working hard to improve her health and hopes to continue to prioritize her well-being in the future. Finally, the statement mentioned Bynes’s excitement about upcoming projects, including a fragrance line, and her hope to share more information in the future.

Bynes met Michael at a sober living facility after her conservatorship ended. In April, she accused him on social media of relapsing and watching adult content. They ended their engagement in July.

Bynes canceled her appearance at 90s Con, where she was scheduled to reunite with her All That co-stars, citing an “unknown illness” at the last minute. The convention could have been the first public appearance for Bynes following the end of her conservatorship.

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