Alec Baldwin spotted in NYC, makes unproven claim he’s ‘exonerated’ from ‘Rust’ fatal shooting investigation (video)

Alec Baldwin was spotted in NYC and made an unproven claim that he was exonerated in the investigation pertaining to the shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his film Rust.



The inquiry on the event was published by the New Mexico Work Health & Safety Bureau, to which Alec Baldwin replied with a statement through his attorney.

“The New Mexico Work Health & Safety Bureau is to be congratulated for conducting an investigation into this problem. We like how the report clears Mr. Baldwin by stating that he thought the rifle only had fake bullets in it. Furthermore, the study acknowledges that Mr. Baldwin’s involvement in the production was limited to screenplay modifications and creative casting,” according to the statement, per a report.

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“We are delighted that New Mexico officials have addressed these crucial concerns since Mr. Baldwin seemed to have no power over the issues that were the focus of the Bureau’s findings of violations.” We are convinced that the people named in the report will face the consequences of this tragedy.”

According to Variety, the OSHB study stated that the production firm had not devised any mechanism to ensure that live rounds were not accessible on the film set, which was a violation of industry safety regulations.

Rust Movie Production was penalized the highest sum permitted for safety infractions, $136,793.

“Management has been given many opportunities to take corrective measures but opted not to.  Filmmaker Joel Souza & cinematographer Halyna Hutchins suffered serious damage as a consequence of these errors. “Halyna Hutchins died as a result of her injuries,” according to the OSHB investigation.

“OSHA concluded that Hannah Gutierrez Reed was not granted enough time or resources to execute her work successfully, notwithstanding her stated concerns,” a lawyer representing the movie’s armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed said in a statement. The production also neglected to summon Hannah in to complete her armorer duties and check the pistol before its usage in the impromptu scene with Baldwin, according to OSHA.”

Alec Baldwin is one of the numerous persons charged in a wrongful death complaint filed by Halyna Hutchins’ family.

Here’s his interview:

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