Air Force beat UNLV by 34 points without attempting a single pass

The Air Force Falcons stomped UNLV 48-14 while running for 511 yards and NOT attempting a single pass. Air Force controlled almost every aspect of the game in an emphatic senior sendoff at Falcon Stadium. They also controlled the clock for 26:12 in the 30-minute second half, including all but 30 seconds in the fourth quarter.


Fullback Emmanuel Michel, who ran for a team-high 123 yards said: “That’s what Air Force football is about.”

Cornerback Tre’ Bugg also made a comment: “Our offense, man, they held the ball forever. When the offense is able to hold the ball like that it makes our job easier.”

“We were just going to impose our will on people, and it’s a good feeling. When you just give it to us like that, we kind of know how the rest of the game is going to go.” Michel said.

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Air Force quarterback Haaziq Daniels was out with an illness.

It was the first time Air Force hadn’t attempted a pass since 2012 against Hawaii.



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