Trump critic Adam Kinzinger won’t seek reelection next year

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger has announced he will not seek reeelection next year. He’s well known for being very vocal against former President Donald Trump at times, but he’s stepping away for now.


Kinzinger had a 12-year career in the House.

He claims there are leaders who won’t lead and no longer seems interested in being one of them. He announced today that this is his time to leave.

Following Kinzinger’s announcement was a joke from former President Donald Trump, who harped on it by saying “2 down, 8 to go” in what might be a reference to people leaving the GOP or politics in general. It appears that Rep. Anthony Gonzalez is stepping away as well.

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The Trump statement was shared by attorney Jenna Ellis. She posted a screenshot of Trump’s announcement on his typical letterhead with his logo.

Here’s Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s video where he explains his announcement and decision.



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