Abby Broyles, an Oklahoma Democratic Congressional candidate is facing serious allegations involving a party, alcohol and middle school girls being verbally assaulted. KFOR was contacted by multiple parents about a Valentine’s party for pre-teen girls in the metro.

Broyles, who made a name for herself as a journalist in Oklahoma City, was invited by her friend who was the host at this party, which included a sleepover and a movie, where several middle school girls were in attendance. According to the parents, the evening started just fine but it all went down when Broyles began drinking wine becoming more and more aggressive. She began insulting the children with profanities as she was getting drunker, and at one point she vomited into a hamper and on one girl’s shoes, as reported.

“It was like an attack. Like personal, vicious attacks,” said Sarah Matthews, one of the mothers with a daughter at the party. She also added that she dropped off her 12-year-old daughter with a group of girls and that she never expected anything like this to happen.

“Mama Bear starts coming out because you’re like, this is disgusting,” Matthews added. “She proceeded to tell me that Abby Broyles had been at the house and was very drunk and calling them all mfer’s, f’er this f’er that. [Broyles] called somebody acne f’er, somebody Hispanic f’er, called my daughter judgey f’er for not wanting to sleep with a blanket that she cleaned up wine with,” Matthews continued.

Matthews also added that “you don’t speak to any human that way, let alone a little girl who’s 12 to 13. That can really change how a little girl views herself for the rest of her life.”

Allegedly, Broyles came to apologize to one of the girls that night, but instead of words, she vomited out of her mouth. The homeowner wanted to stay anonymous but said that she’d never seen Broyles like that in the past. “I just think she needs to validate what those kids felt and just say I’m sorry and acknowledge how out of line she was,” Matthews said.

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