Tony Buzbee, Houston attorney, filed the lawsuit on behalf of more than one hundred and twenty clients, including Axel Acosta Avila. Axel was one of the victims killed during the tragic incident at the Astroworld Festival. This lawsuit could be the biggest one yet.

The lawsuit seeks $750 million in damages from a long list of defendants including Travis Scott, Apple Music, Drake. Apple Music and Epic Records are among the companies named in the lawsuit as having expected to profit handsomely from the event.

According to Buzbee, their own research revealed that the event was doomed from the start, but it’s unclear what other information the attorney has. 

With the help of an HPD Major Crimes lieutenant, Buzbee and his team have taken over fifty statements and looked through hours of footage from every angle.

The suit’s $750 million demand might seem impressive, but, according to legal experts, such a sum of money is to be expected in the aftermath of such a tragedy.

Apple Music, which streamed the concert, is the first defendant on the list. Live Nation, Drake, and the Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation are also named.

The lawsuit claims gross negligence and cites incident reports from the Houston Fire Department to indicate the concert’s escalating scenario and several failed attempts to stop it before people were killed.

The lawsuits will continue to pile up. Buzbee said he plans to file a new complaint with 100 more victims in the coming days.


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