One of Morning Consult’s newest polls showed that the majority of rural voters disapproved of the Democratic Party ahead of the midterm elections. Poll results showed that 65% of rural voters had a bad opinion of the Democratic Party, while only 29% had a positive opinion. 1,525 self-identified rural voters were polled between the 14th and 16th of January.

After a more detailed examination of the opinions of those who fell within the 65 percent who said they had a negative opinion of the Democratic Party, 48 percent indicated their opinion was extremely negative. The majority of rural voters are white working-class people who support Christian values, the police, and border security. According to the poll, these were the top three worries rural voters had about the Democratic Party, per report.

Stricter gun regulation, LGBTQ+ concerns, and the Black Lives Matter movement are all subjects that Democrats support and that turn off rural people. Rural voters prefer the Republican Party to the Democratic Party for a variety of reasons, including the party’s support for large and small companies, willingness to compromise, and governing quality.

Only 23% of rural voters believe the Democratic Party is more concerned with their community than the Republican Party. The Democratic Party, according to rural voters, is a stronger proponent of immigration than the Republican Party. The results come as Democrats fight to maintain their small House and Senate majorities in November.

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