Reports are coming in that show Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott sent about 140 migrants to NYC on buses, making it the largest single-day arrival of migrants from Texas. Buses loaded with 140 asylum seekers reached New York City, from Texas, and sparked controversy with Democrat leadership in the Big Apple. On board of the buses arrived at Port Authority in early morning over the weekend were a mix of families and individuals, including 10 children, according to a spokeswoman for New York City Mayor Eric Adams, speaking to CNN.

In an effort to highlight his criticism of the Biden administration’s immigration policies, Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott led thousands of migrants in buses to big cities such as Washington, DC and New York City this year. “Texas has also bused over 7,000 migrants to our nation’s capital since April and over 900 migrants to New York City since August 5,” said Greg Abbott in a recent statement. “The busing mission is providing much-needed relief to our overwhelmed border communities.”

Taking into account the hundreds of buses from Texas, the number of migrants that arrived in New York from Border States since May is estimated at 6,000, according to the mayor’s Office of Immigration Affairs. Adams and others accused Abbott of exploiting migrants as pawns in an ongoing political battle with Biden. For Governor Abbott, his move is an important step to make other parts of the country understand what states at the border are facing on a daily basis when they try to welcome new people.

The administration of Abbott has been long accused by New York City officials of failing to cooperate with city authorities regarding the transfer of migrants and of allegedly forcefully placing asylum seekers on buses bound for New York City. But the governor insists the migrants voluntarily went there as well as to other locations and signed consent waivers to their destinations.

New York City authorities reported that a triage center assessed migrants as they arrived at Port Authority. Bilingual in Spanish and English lawyers were available to answer questions about the asylum process. The migrants received food, water and clothing. Medical assistance was provided through the fire department. In addition, the city provided vans to take the migrants to hotels and shelters, reported the Washington Times.

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Asylum seekers were also offered basic necessities, such as shoes and toiletries by volunteers from the Jewish community response group Masbia Relief. There were cheers, applause and welcome signs in English, Hebrew, and Spanish when the buses pulled up with migrants on board, the group said. “The idea is to help people turn the page and start their new beginning here in New York in a better way,” the Executive director of Masbia, Alexander Rapaport said in a statement.

Last week, officials in New York City unveiled a multi-agency effort to guarantee young asylum seekers access to school placements before the beginning of the school year next month. “Our public schools are prepared to welcome families seeking asylum with open arms,” David Banks, Department of Education Chancellor said in a statement. “Our schools are ready and excited to welcome our newest New Yorkers to class on September 8th.”